2600 HP Oil Rig


Rig Rated Depth: 20,000 ft. (5” DP)
Available Height of Derrick: 45.46 m (149.1 ft.)
Traveling System: 6×7
Diameter of Drilling Line: 1-1/2” (38mm)
Rig Rated Depth: 20,000 ft. (5” DP)
Height of Drilling Floor: 11 m (36.08’ )
Opening Diameter of Rotary Table: 37-1/2” (952.5 mm)
Rated Input Power of Draw Works: 2600 HP (2000 kW)
Top Drive: Model; Varco TDS-11SA
Capacity of Mud Pump:1193 kW (1600 HP)×3 capacity
Model and Quantity of Engine Power: CAT 3512B x 4
Three Shale Shaker: Model; HS270-4P-PTS (4 panels), 7.2 G. capacity
Two Mud Cleaner: Model; HMC250X 3/100X16-270 (3x 10” Desander + 16 x 4” Diselter) capacity
Two Centrifuge:Model; LW355-1250N, variable speed, Max. Rotary speed: 3200 rpm
Ambient Temperature: -15℃ to 55℃ (dust/sand laden wind)
Power Transfer Type:AC, VFD
4 centrifugal pumps for desander and desilter, model HCP 8× 6×14, 75 Kw, flow Capacity: 255 m3
The rig Includes hydraulic skidding system and rail system, which can meet operation requirements of 20 wells in one line, well distance 7.5 m
Hazardous area classification according to API RP 500 & Electrical Installation standards according to IEC
5” and 3”1/2 DP, all sizes of DC, 5” and 3”1/2 HWDP, and all down hole equipment enough to drill to 20000 ft
Handling tools to handle all type of tubular used on the rig
Fishing tools to fish all types and sizes of tubular
Well control equipment and all its accessories to drill 26” hole size and smaller details
The substructure is prepared to accommodate the rolling gear system for future projects that require utilization feature