oil and gas

drilling services

The Oil and Gas industry has been rapidly developing in past years, and UCD has managed to ride on the top of this wave. UCD’s engineers and its dynamic crew; provide unparalleled service to any entity looking for resourcefulness, drilling efficiency with superior adherence to HSE standards. We have partnered with the world’s top vendors to provide comprehensive drilling solutions that include technically advanced, and field proven equipment. UCD’s strategic approach to global vendors helps supply and support local economies where the company operates. Thus we have built a vendor management model for service safety and quality monitoring.

Cementing Services & Additives

Cementing plays an important role in protecting the well casing which is critical to safer, environment friendly and more profitable wells. UCD’s operations in cementing include drilling into deeper waters with unconventional applications, and under high pressures and temperature conditions. The company’s experience is key in providing cementing solutions and embrace deep water challenges, especially, in configuring wellbores and reservoirs. UCD beholds state of the art equipments that meet today’s big challenges. Each produce of UCD is designed and engineered to deliver superior value, and is governed by devotion for integrity.

Mud Engineering & Products Services

The full fledge service that UCD offers to the oil & gas industry encompasses a wide range of drilling fluids and additives, for durable performance during drilling operations, and a maximized Rate of Penetration (ROP) with friction reduction. UCD also offers completion fluids, mechanical and chemical wellbore cleaning. The drilling additives used by UCD are customized to meet specific industry needs, such as: corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and deflocculates, filtration control agents, lost- circulation materials, lubricants and surfactants, oil- and synthetic- based additives, shale control additives, viscosifiers, weighting agents, preservatives, drill-in reservoir additives and stuck- pipe additives.

Tubular Handling Services

UCD superior Tubular Services are the industry’s most reliable with best value in tubular running applications. These applications include: hammer services, casing and tubing running, and completion assembly. UCD’s utilizes unsurpassed technology, customized to serve the purpose of any application in a way that promises zonal isolation and reduces well construction costs and risks. UCD is committed to providing its customers with unparalleled quality of tubular service while keeping clean environment and safety at the top of priorities. 1. Casing Tongs 2. Tubing Tongs 3. Non-marking system 4. Slips and Elevators 5. Hydraulic Power Units

Mud Logging Services

UCD operates state of the art technology for Mud Logging Services which guides critical on-site decisions. UCD’s logging engineers and geologists rely on accurate and comprehensive analytical information fed by logging indicators of what is beneath the surface. The process becomes essential in detecting oil and gas, maintain drilling safety, maximize drilling efficiency and balance pressures. The interpretive ability of our most valuable resource, the human resource, plays a crucial role in the success and efficiency of oil and gas extraction.

Electrical logging services

In modern days exploration of Oil and Gas reservoirs, effective underground data gathering is the third eye. At UCD, we increase our accuracy through the latest technology that enables to reflect electrical micro-conductivity images from the wellbore; the thing that extends the life of the well, and gives engineers an advantage against possible hazardous encounters.

Directional Drilling Services

Unconventional oil and gas reservoirs require specific directional drilling operations with complex trajectories. UCD offers directional drilling services with proven technologies that provide extended reach under the surface. The accurate and advanced data gathering tools allows engineers to take critical time decisions on well site. UCD’s applications include vertical and horizontal wellbore maintenance in addition to heavy oil and unconventional gas handling. UCD efficient operations are handled with the use of the following high tech tools: 1. LWD Sensors Engineered to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressure, the LWD sensors that UCD utilize delivers quality logging data at a high drilling speed. 2. Directional Drilling Motors Regardless of the well type or drilling direction, whether a short- radius or a deep reservoir; UCD’s hires technically advanced motors that ensure variable torque speed, flow, and power to maximize efficiency and reliability.

Coring Services

At UCD we manage in-depth coring operations and the challenges that come along. We offer premium wire lining with advanced coring tools maintaining quality and operational added value to your reservoir, while balancing the placement of the core barrel to the requested depth safely, and ensuring surface reach with a high recovery. UCD hires long experienced craftsmanship, with dedication to ensure hazardous encounters are well managed in the course of drilling. Our engineers have developed dynamic contingency plans with ability to foresee risks and mitigate them.

Completion Services

UCD makes wells ready for the production of oil and gas, in a unique formula, by cutting completion costs, and improving production, with a maximized Rate of Penetration (ROP) and friction reduction. We service a variety of completion services including horizontal reservoirs.

Procurement & Logistics of Well Materials

Our spectrum of services incorporates project planning, procurement, and logistics management. UCD is affiliated with a network of prestige global vendors for an extinguished product offering; customized to ensure a delivery of supreme quality and efficiency.

Engineering Solutions

1. Air Drilling By using our recent engineering services and techniques, we ensure a fast rate of penetration with minimal drilling costs. Air drilling is used through non-hydrocarbon bearing zones in order to increase UCD’s drilling performance. Our drilling systems eliminate inefficiency caused by lost time and faults such as sticking or lost circulation compared to conventional fluid systems. 2. Casing drilling Drilling hazards rate increases as crude oil and gas reservoirs age. UCD applies distinctive experience in drilling techniques that enables it to foresee and identify different sorts of encounters. Whether pressure depleted zones or hole stability problems when dealt with ahead of time UCD is ensuring reliability of its application with client satisfaction. 3. Expandable casing The 2 challenges in the Oil & Gas industry are: accessing new reservoirs, and maintaining a profitable production cycle. UCD is proud to master the application of a revolutionary technology of expandable tubular casing by use of expendable drilling and production with changeable casing diameter. 4. Drilling Optimization - Personnel and Asset Protection - Detection and Management - Reservoir Evaluation - Performance Optimization 5. Waste Treatment UCD proposes a full range drilling waste management solutions and mud tank systems, with maximum environment risk reduction. UCD hires state of the art processing techniques for solids control, cuttings containment and handling, recycling and recovery, waste water treatment, filtration and disposal